Blue Heron Inn
1346 Blue Heron Lane SE
Darien, GA, 31305, USA

Take an Air Boat Ride

Captain Charlie Philips will take you out on his airboat for a lowtide tour of the marshes, islands and mudflats. On the way back he'll stop off at the oyster beds and show you how to "pick"oysters and/or dig for clams.  This trip is scenic; great for birding and phtography not to mention wonderfully fresh seafood. 


  • Captain Charlie Philips
  • Air boat ride and view of the oyster beds
  • Ruins of
  • Take an air boat ride to the oyster beds in Mud River

AboveTop: Crossing mud flats to the oysterbeds, above left: Chocolate ruins at the north end of Sapelo, above right: on top of an oyster bed.

Bottom left: clam beds in Mud River, bottom middle birds flying along at sunset on the Sapelo River, botton right cruising through the tidal creeks.

  • Clam Beds
  • Sunset
  • Cruising through the estuaries and creeks in search of clams