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Darien, GA, 31305, USA

Georgia's Colonial Coast Birding Trail

  • CoastalBirdingTrailMap with BHI
  • Blue bird and finch by photographer Randy Light.

Colonial Coast Birding 

Coastal Georgia's  network of rivers, vast marshes, and barrier islands is an ideal habitat for hundreds of species of birds, from nesting wood storks to colorful painted buntings, birds of prey and shore birds. The Colonial Coast Birding Trail is made up of 18 sites along the coast from the border of South Carolina to Florida, straddling U.S. 17 and Interstate 95.  Sites such as Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Jekyll Island, Cumberland Island, and the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge have been designated Important Birding Areas (IBAs) by the Georgia Audubon Society. And there are more sites in and around Darien, GA. including Sapelo Island and Black Beard Island. With more than 300 species of birds. The staffs of visitor centers and your innkeepersa have maps and plenty of bird-watching suggestions for both skilled and novice birders. Blue Heron Inn offers portable blinds for optimal birding and photography oportunities. As you can see from the map Blue Heron Inn lies in the middle of Georgia's Colonial Coast Birding Trail