Blue Heron Inn
1346 Blue Heron Lane SE
Darien, GA, 31305, USA

Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge is a short 20minute drive from the inn.

Harris Neck is 2,762 acres of saltwater marsh, grassland, mixed deciduous woods, and cropland. Because of this habitat variety, many different species of birds are attracted to the refuge throughout the year. In the spring, thousands of egrets and herons begin nesting around the ponds, while in the winter, large concentrations of ducks gather in the marshland and freshwater pools. The variety of warblers and sparrows is nothing short of amazing during winter and early spring.

Over 15 miles of paved roads and trails provide you easy access to the many habitats. Chosen for it's accessibility and bird diversity, Harris Neck is one of our guests' most popular sites.

  • wood stork rookery at Harris Neck WLP