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Darien, GA, 31305, USA

Historic Darien, Georgia

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Darien Georgia, is a great destination to relax and enjoy southern hospitality and small town life along the Georgia coast. Photographers, artists and nature enthusiests love this hiostoric town. Shrimp boats docked along the river, together with unique shops, art galleries, antique shops and some of the best restaurants on the east coast will make you feel like you have gone back to a simpler time but with allthe amenities of modern day. If the outdoors is what you are looking for, Darien has world class fishing, boating, kayaking, and birding. And some of the best seafood you will find.

Darien is the second oldest planned city in Georgia and is located just off Interstate 95 between Savannah and Jacksonville, FL. Darien is the site of Fort King George, at one time the most southern outpost of the colonies andhome to GeneralOglethorpe's Scottish Highlanders. Darien is filled with Southern Charm, history and
the natural beauty of it's diverse ECO system. A boat tour along the Darien or Altamaha Rivers with a local guide will leave you stunned at the natural beauty and abundance of history.

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Sea Creatures, Pirates and Scottish Highlanders

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The Legend of Altamaha-ha Sea Creature

Legend has it that in the waters of the Altamaha, near the city of Darien, there is a strange creature. The Altamaha-ha often described as having snake or eel-like qualities and said to travel the river and streams in an undulating fashion. It is said to have a tail that is horizontal, rather than vertical, like that of a porpoise. Others who have seen the animal say that it has dull gray skin and looks to be spotted in some places. It appears ever so often and sightings of this creature go back to the times of the Tama Indians long before the Scottish Highlanders arrived

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Pirates! Yes, Edward Teach, AKA Black Beard, the pirate and other near-do-wells ounce roamed these waters near Darien. On occasion they return to board tour boats and try their best to lure the unsuspecting away.....

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             Scottish Highlanders 

In October 1735, a band of Highland Scots sailed from Inverness on the Prince of Wales. The men were trained Highland warriors, among the world's finest fighting soldiers and specially selected by Oglethorpe. The Highlanders  restored Fort King George and named their town Darien after the ill-fated expedition by their countrymen to the Isthmus of Darien in Panama in 1697.

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Blessing of the Fleet

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Darien has the largest blessing of the shrimp fleet on the east coast. Fun, games, arts & crafts, great food. and live music on the waterfront.

Blessing of the Fleet 2014 is April 11,12,13

For more info check the Blessing of the Fleet website