"Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food and good song."
Jason Zabehazy

Where to Eat in Darien
Enjoy restaurants right on the water where you will experience great views and sunsets along with delectable food. Darien's fleet of shrimp boats provides fresh seafood year round. Not a seafood lover? Don't worry, there are plenty of land lubber options.


Skipper's Fish Camp

86 Screven St, Darien, GA, 31305

(912) 437-3474

On the banks of the Darien River, Skippers' Fish Camp offers not only an unequalled dining experience but also a glimpse into the pasts of Darien and the historic Colonial Coast of Southeast Georgia. Elegant views of the Altamaha bioreserve; public boat slips; a public boat ramp; a floating dock just for canoe and kayak enthusiasts; and spectacular sunsets, as well as the best in casual seafood dining has made Skippers' Fish Camp the ultimate in riverside dining. The local shrimp fleet docks right at our backdoor and provides us with an abundant supply of fresh locally caught Sweet Georgia Shrimp. We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients when bringing our servings to the table.


901 North Way, Darien, GA, 31305

(912) 437-2122

With a laid back Low country style, B & J's Steaks and Seafood serves up Coastal Georgia's freshest seafood. B & J's Steaks and Seafood features a nightly themed buffet as well as mouth watering menu with seafood, steaks, pizza & burgers. B & J's Steaks and Seafood meet daily with local shrimpers to procure the freshest seafood in the Low country. The menu incorporates Coastal Georgia's freshest seafood and county cooking.

Clay's Sapelo Station Restaraunt

15600 US Highway 17, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2013

Serving Local Seafood and McIntosh County Buffalo Steaks. Regular Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 5:00 - 10:00 PM
Thursday is Kid's Night, one kid eats free for each adult entree.
To-Go Crab and Shrimp

Waterfront Wine and Gourmet (AKA 'The Wine Bar')

107 Broad Street, Darien, GA, 31305

(912) 437-3410

From Beer & Wine to Gifts & Home Decor, you're sure to enjoy yourself here. Grab a glass of wine & an hors d' oeuvre in the Wine Bar & enjoy beautiful views of the Darien River. Have you ever had a wine slushy? Great way to beat the heat. Wine tasting last Thursday of the month. The locals will keep you entertained.

Nautica Joe's

108 Walton Street, Darien, GA, 31305

(912) 437-5737

Sandwiches, wraps and salads. Great lunch spot.

Fish Dock at Pelican Point
1398 Sapelo Ave. NE, Townsend, GA
The Fish Dock is located on the Sapelo River in the Belleville community of Macintosh county. If this place could talk...oh the tales you would hear....

Blue Bay Mexican Restaurant
110 Screven Street, Darien, GA
Blue Bay Mexican Grill is a family owned Mexican Restaurant that serves authentic
Mexican food in the city of Darien, GA. We are open for lunch and dinner!