Sapelo Island

Home of the last true Sea Island Gullah-Geechee community and offering beauty that will forever sing in your soul. Take a tour, rent bikes or a golf cart to explore Hog Hammock, the RJ Reynolds’ Mansion, unspoiled beaches, the restored light house and old growth forest.

Darien, Georgia

Darien, settled by Scottish Highlanders and planned by General Oglethorpe remains a small coastal town where shrimping, fishing, history and the best seafood on the coast take precedence. Bike, kayak or stroll through the ‘Gem of the Golden Isles.’ Riverfront dining, a wine bar where you’ll feel like a local or a wine cruise along the river will keep you entertained.

Old Jail Art Center

yes, it really is the old jail now turned art center, museum and gift shop.
A co-op of local and very talented artists. A must see.

Sugar Marsh Cottage

If you are going to indulge in chocolate, this is the place to do it.
Dark chocolate with caramel salt bits is my favorite but the toffee chocolate                   
is not to be missed. Hand made treats of caramel, cookies and chocolate of every kind.
Great gift baskets and the packaging is a treat for the eye.

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Sapelo Island Visitor Center

1766 Landing Road, Darien, GA, 31305

(912) 437-3224

Public tours featuring the natural and cultural history of Sapelo Island are available on Wednesdays (8:30 – 12:30) and Saturdays (9:00 – 1:00) year round, and Fridays (8:30 – 12:30) June 1st to Labor Day. An extended North End tour is offered on the last Tuesday (8:30 – 3:00) of each month March through October.

Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge

5000 Wildlife Drive N.E, Townsend, GA, 31331

(912) 832-4608

Harris Neck's 2,762 acres consists of saltwater marsh, grassland, mixed deciduous woods, and cropland. Because of this great variety in habitat, many different species of birds are attracted to the refuge throughout the year. In the summer, thousands of egrets and herons nest in the swamps, while in the winter, large concentrations of ducks (especially mallards, gadwall and teal) gather in the marshland and freshwater pools.

Over 15 miles of paved roads and trails provide the visitor easy access to the many different habitats. Chosen for it's accessibility and bird diversity, Harris Neck is one of 18 sites forming the Colonial Coast Birding Trail, inaugurated in 2000.

Butler Island Plantation

Highway 17, Darien, GA, 31305

"Famous rice Plantation of the 19th century, owned by Pierce Butler of Philadelphia. A system of dikes and canals for the cultivation of rice, installed by engineers from Holland can still be observed in the old fields, and has been used as a pattern for similar operations in recent years.

Visitors to Butler Island can walk its trails, or fish from the docks and bridge nearby. Sunsets can be dramatic, as the setting sun creates reflections of brilliant color on the Butler River.

Fort King George

302 McIntosh Rd SE, Darien, GA, 31305

(912) 437-4770

This is the oldest English fort remaining on Georgia's coast. From 1721 until 1736, Fort King George was the southern outpost of the British Empire in North America. A cypress blockhouse, barracks and palisaded earthen fort were constructed in 1721 by scoutmen led by Colonel John “Tuscarora Jack” Barnwell. For the next seven years, His Majesty’s Independent Company garrisoned the fort. They endured incredible hardships from disease, threats of Spanish and Indian attacks, and the harsh, unfamiliar coastal environment. After the fort was abandoned, General James Oglethorpe brought Scottish Highlanders to the site in 1736. The settlement, called Darien, eventually became a foremost export center of lumber until 1925.

Old Jail Art Center

404 North Way, Darien, GA, 31305

(912) 437-7711

Local artist co-op, gift shop and museum of Darien. You never know what you might find.